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Research Center for Teacher Development

Research Areas:

  • Research into Policies on Teacher Development, including research into the development of teachers from primary and secondary schools, vocational schools, and institutions of higher learning; research into strategies for the development of educational talents.
  • Research into Teachers’ Professional Development, including teachers’ professional standards, the quality standards for teacher training, the standards of teacher training institutions and quality assurance system and the systems for teachers’ professional development.
  • Comparative Study of Teacher Training and Development, including an international comparison of major teacher development policies, international comparison on educational talents development strategies, international comparison on teacher preparation and training, and the various systems of teachers’ professional development.


Research Projects:

1. Research into Teacher Development in China and Database Construction

  • Project Description: This project examines the fundamental substance and impact factors involved in teacher development, by statistical analysis and study of the administrative data released by the Government and the latest survey results, using scientific indicator systems and research tools. The results of this research project furnished data that gave support for effective educational decision-making.
  • Sponsor: Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education
  • Project Cycle: August, 2008 - December, 2009
  • Research Outcomes:

     1) The Report on the Development of Chinese Schoolteachers. (Educational Science Publishing House, 2011)

     2) The Development of Chinese Schoolteachers Continually Improved.(China Education Daily, December, 30, 2009).

2. An Analysis of the Policies Governing the Development of the Cohort of Chinese Schoolteachers

  • Project Description: This project scrutinizes the policies on the construction of the teacher education system, the development of institutions of teacher education as well as teacher-training models, using qualitative research methods. The research outcomes have drew significant attention from the Ministry of Education and relevant educational research units.
  • Sponsor: Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education
  • Project Cycle: August, 2008 - December, 2009
  • Research Outcomes: Newsletter on the Team-Building of Schoolteachers, the Ministry of Education Bulletin.

3. Research into the 2011 Schoolteachers’ Professional Competence Levels and Database Construction — Focusing on Schoolteacher Training

  • Project Description: The study reviews teaching models, training  quality, training evaluation of the existing schoolteacher training program, with a view to informing policy-making on ongoing teacher development, and to providing evidence-based support for the improvement of schoolteacher education and training.
  • Sponsor: National Institute of Education Sciences
  • Project Cycle: November 2010 - December 2011

4. Review of the “Special Teaching Post Program”

  • Project Description: Through a review of the implementation of the “Special Teaching Post Program,” this project aims to identify the problems and summarize the achievements of the “Special Teaching Post Program,” and to provide reference for policy-making.
  • Sponsor: Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education
  • Project Cycle: November 2009 - July 2010
  • Research Outcome: A Report on the Implementation of the “Special Teaching Post Program.” October 2010.

5. Evaluation of the “National Schoolteacher Training Program”

  • Project Description: Using mixed methods of questionnaires and focus group interviews, etc., this project looks into the implementation of the “National Schoolteacher Training Program” with a view to identifying the achievements and the existing problems of the Program, and to providing reference for policy-making.
  • Sponsor: Department of Teacher Education, Ministry of Education
  • Project Cycle: September 2011 - December 2011
  • Research Outcomes: Ten Recommendations for Improving the Implementation of the “National Schoolteacher Training Program” & An Investigation into the Effectiveness of the “National Schoolteacher Training Program.” December 2011.

6. An International Comparative Study of Teacher Training and Development Policies

  • Project Description: Through a comparative study of the policies on teacher training and development in such countries as the United States, Britain, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Russia and India, this project is intended to provide various paradigms that can assist China in continuing to improve its policies on teacher education and development.
  • Sponsor: Hangzhou Municipal Government
  • Project Cycle: August 2009 - September 2011


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