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National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES)

Established in 1957, the National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES) is a research branch of the Ministry of Education, the People's Republic of China, and the only national-level comprehensive education research institution in China. The predecessor of the NIES, the Education Research Division of the Central Research Institute was founded in 1941. For over 70 years since its original establishment, the NIES has strived to contribute to education reform and development in China by advising on policy-making processes, advancing theoretical innovation and guiding local practice.

Now the institute employs 236 staff, including 153 researchers engaged in research on education policy, basic education, curriculum and pedagogy, teacher development, education inspection and evaluation, physical, health and arts education, higher education, psychology and special education, etc.

The NIES hosts the Secretariat of the National Education Planning Learning Group that plans and administers all the national level educational research projects, with over 400 projects endorsed each year of 45 million Chinese Yuan in total.

The NIES publishes nine journals and one newspaper, among which, Education Research is regarded as the topnotch journal in the field of education research in China. The Education Sciences Publishing House, known as the “flagship education publisher” in China, is affiliated with the NIES.

In recent years, the NIES has developed partnerships with sixteen district authorities located in the north, east, west, south and middle parts of China, which the NIES provide with advisory and informative assistance for their education reform experimentation.


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