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The Assessment Report and Testing Tools of the Academic Accomplishments of Chinese Primary School Students, written by Tian Huisheng.

Dr. Tian Huisheng’s new book uses four disciplines from the sixth grade of primary school as an example, and adopts the standard reference evaluation mode and used the Curriculum Standard of Full-Time Compulsory Education (experimental draft) (hereafter referred as Curriculum Standard) as the study evidence. He identifies the basic evaluation framework of all disciplines from two dimensions, content and ability, worked out a dual-way inventory, and draws up the testing tools according to the classification of study results of SOLO (Structure of the Observed Learning Outcome) Classification theory. The developing process of the testing tools went through different stages, including preparation, formulation, revision, pre-testing, re-revision and settlement. The whole process was supervised by strict training, organizing and management systems to ensure a scientific result. The study used multi-level random sampling and collected responses from more than 18,000 students in the sixth grade from 31 districts in 8 provinces located in the eastern, central and western regions. The survey was conducted on the academic accomplishments of these students in Chinese reading, math, science, morality and society to examine whether the academic outcomes reached the curriculum standards.  The book aims to provide scientific evidence for the decision-making of educational administrative departments, and to offer feedback information for teaching and studying to improve the teaching quality and promote self-direction and self-supervision of students.


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