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2013 NIES Research Projects (Incomplete)

1. Report on Educational Reform in China

2. Report on Development of Preschool Education in China

3. Report on Development of Compulsory Education in China

4. Report on Development of Upper Secondary Education in China

5. Report on Development of Higher Education in China

6. Report on Development of Continuing Education in China

7. Report on Development of Special Education in China

8. Report on Development of Vocation Education in China

9. Report on Development of Private Education in China

10. Report on Development of Education for Ethnic Minorities in China

11. Report on Development of Teachers in China

12. Report on Development of Rural Education in China

13. Report on Development of Education Finance in China

14. Report on Development of Postgraduate Education in China

15. Report on Students' Mental Health in China

16. Report on Performance Evaluation of Universities and Colleges in China

17. Report on Overseas Education

18. Report on Topical Issues in Educational Research

19. World Education Development Report

20. Report on Internet-based Public Opinions towards Education in China

21. Report on Family Education of Primary School Students in China

22. Research on the Indicators of Holistic Education

23. Research on the Development of Physical Education in China

24. Report on the Learning Ability of Primary and Lower Secondary School Students in China


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